KS Tech Co., Ltd has been a leading steel processor of the Korean steel industry since founded in 1993 as the integrated steel processor by means of cutting, bending, drilling, punching and welding.

It started as Kang San Steel Company in 1993 and was incorporated as Kang San Steel Co., Ltd. in 1999 and into KS Tech Co., Ltd. by merges & acquisition in order to leap one step forward for the future in 2009.
The 21st century is a global era and it is very important time for us to show our dynamic energy and unique talent to stretch out our influence to all over the world.
In recent, we have already prepared our second factory located in Kunsan, which is very important outpost location to the global market, in order to supply parts and materials for heavy machineries, ship buildings and construction fields by using high technology manufacturing system.
Not only does the company contribute to the industrial foundation of the country through the full operation of integrated and the first-class technology steel processing system, it is also ready to make huge strides toward becoming a major global leader in this field.
KS Tech will surely become a leading steel processor in 21st century.