We, KS Tech Co., Ltd, were established at Daejeon initially in the name of
"Kang San Steel Co." as a distributor and processor of steel products by means of well equipped one stop system in 1993.

Under the slogan of "R&D is company's future", we had changed our company name into "KS Tech Co., Ltd" focusing on research and development activities on the basis of enterprising spirit.

The 21st century is the global era. It is time to stretch out our great ambition
to overseas markets. That is why, we were setting up our 2nd. factory facilities in Kunsan, Jeonlabuk-Do which is very important location as an outpost base
for global markets. We are ready to produce almost all kind of steel products such as attachments for heavy equipments, parts for ship-building and steel structure for construction equipped by high-tech equipments.

To go one step forward, we are going to exert our every efforts to accomplish our mission which we are trying to devote our passion in pursuit of customer's satisfaction and profits.

We will contribute to our country and human beings and also pursuit of company's prosperity and welfare of
staff members. Thanks!
Science, Technology, Skill