* Skilled industry personnel Designated Enterprise
* Daejeon Metropolitan Defense Venture Convention Center companies signed
* Academia collaboration customized workforce agreement
* Republic of Korea Invention Patent Exhibition Awarded the prize from the Knowledge economic department minister
* Minister of Small Business Award & Different type of business Interchange of Economic department Secretary knowledge
* multi-function bending machine and multi-function bending dieassembly, 'Patent Right Registration'
* Light weight beam by bending & Clinching(Patent application)
* Crane attachment device for Forklift(Patent application)
* Head reinforcement device for steel pipe pile(Patent application)
* Precast concrete panel connector(Patent registration)
* Prefabricated panel cap for fire prevention(Patent registration)
2009 * KS Tech Co., Ltd. undertook Kang San Steel Ind. by M&A
* Prefabricated ditch channel jointer(Patent application)
* Certified as a patent star enterprise(Daedeok Techno Park)
* Awarded by Daejeon Metropolitan Mayor-Construction field
* Variable multi-purpose mould(Patent application)
* Re-certified as a venture enterprise
* Multi-function bending system(patent application)
* Designated as a promising small & medium enterprises(Daejeon)
* Multi bucket for excavator(patent application)
* Prefabricated panel for fire prevention and extinguishing cap(patent application)
* Certified by ISO 9001:2000. KS A 9001:2001(Quality management system)
* Foundation of the 2nd. factory(Kunsan, Jeolabuk-Do)
* Folklift+Crane convergence attachment(patent application)
2007 * Foundation of an annex R&D center
* Changed company name as " KS Tech Co., Ltd.
* Awarded by minister of industry and resource(Minister citation)
* Certified " INNO-BIZ " by SMBA(Small & medium business administration)
* Designated as a venture enterprise by SMBA
* Invent patent of " Shoeshine vending machine "
* Awarded as a great enterpriser by Small & medium business promotion corporation
* Awarded as a excellent interchange between different business field >
* Foundation of SNBS Co., Ltd.(affiliate)
* Honored by International Rotary Club(District 3680)
* Aquisition of construction license(Steel construction)
* Aquisition of construction license(Steel window and door)
* Foundation of " Kang San Steel "